Our experience in the industry dates back to 2001, when, as a marketing agency, we started cooperation with the recruitment portal. Later, we ran advertising campaigns, SEO, web analytics, Content Marketing projects and helped many companies in this industry in their business development. We have worked, among others, with Agora SA and the GazetaPraca, Goldenline, Grafton Recruitment portal as well as with HR agencies and other entities in the recruitment industry.

The main goal of our work was to ensure an appropriate number of applications for job offers by conducting recruitment campaigns, but also promoting events such as Virtual Job Fair, effective recruitment tools, as well as B2B recruitment services.

In order to achieve the goals of the campaign, both at the overall and partial level (e.g. implementation of a specific number of applications for job offers from a given category), we built our own tools to improve recruitment marketing as well as systems automating processes and advertising management. The proprietary modules of our AdMotiv platform allowed us to pause ads for workplaces for which there were no job offers at the moment, predict a conversion depending on the current set of job offers and modify the bidding rates so that at the end of the month we would get maximum efficiency from the advertising budget.

SEO campaigns and projects in the recruitment marketing industry were often distinguished by the scale of operation because they covered millions of keywords and ads, and this required automation and the creation of appropriate optimization algorithms. In turn, B2B campaigns in recruitment required precision, appropriate adaptation of the message to the decision-making stage at which the recipient of the advertisement was located - planning in accordance with the principles of B2B campaigns and the Customer Lifecycle Marketing methodology.

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