Google Ads Audit

The Google Ads audit consists in verifying dozens of the most important elements of an advertising campaign and identifying areas for improvement. As part of the audit, we also estimate how much sales or the number of conversions may increase after the optimization.

We conduct the audit using our proprietary AdMotiv tool, which scans all elements of the campaign and performs work in just a minute that an experienced specialist would take several days. This ensures that no mistakes in the campaign will escape our attention.

We perform the Google Ads audit in two versions:

Initial mini-audit (free)

Ideal for checking if the campaign is being run optimally and, if not, in what areas improvement is required. If you outsource running a campaign, this is the perfect service for you. It does not include detailed instructions, but indicates which areas need to be improved. The person running your campaign should know perfectly well what to do with it.

Detailed Google Ads audit (paid)

It is a detailed report that describes, in several dozen points, how well-built and conducted a campaign is and what exactly needs to be improved. Detailed audit also includes the potential of campaign improvement, i.e. the estimation of possible increase in sales and / or conversion from the same budget.

Benefits of starting the service:

  • The Google Ads audit will answer the question why the campaign does not bring the expected results and what should be improved in order for the investment in online advertising to bring the maximum result.
  • During the audit, we will check whether the campaign budget is well used, i.e. whether all expenses are justified and meet the campaign goals.
  • We will answer the question of whether and how to improve the way the campaign is run to make sure that it is managed in an optimal way.


Free Basic Audit . Paid Extended Audit
Analysis of general statistics and types of campaigns V V
Analysis and evaluation of the quality score V V
Analysis and evaluation of keywords used in campaigns V V
Analysis and evaluation of the campaign structure and division of the campaign into ad groups V V
Analysis and evaluation of advertising texts V V
Analysis and evaluation of landing pages used in the campaign V V
Analysis and evaluation of the measurement of conversion and quality of data on which the auction is based V V
Analysis and evaluation of auctions and budget control V V
Detailed recommendations for changes in campaigns that will translate into an improvement in their effectiveness X V
Detailed explanations of the recommended changes and their impact on the effects of the campaign, in relation to each audit point X V
Detailed discussion of the audit results with a specialist in the online form X V

How to order an audit for us?

1. Select the free or full audit version

2. Fill in the contact form or call us and our expert will guide you further.

What do we need from you to perform the Audit?

1. Access to the Google Ads account or accounts from which your campaigns are run.

2. If you don't have access to your account, get one or you won't have control over your own advertising budget.

If you want us to conduct an audit of your Google Ads account, please submit the form below:
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