The B2C industry requires an individual approach to defining and measuring the achievement of sales and marketing goals. There is a much stronger need for multi-channel communication and customer service here than in the case of e-commerce campaigns. Very often, the first or subsequent contact takes place over the phone or in person.

The most important element of the strategy is a multi-channel communication project, which adapts to the purchasing habits of customers, and an analytics project, thanks to which each advertising and promotional tool used can be measured, assessed and optimized.

Marketing b2c - in service campaigns, we measure all forms of contact of potential customers (including telephone contacts and visits to the store) along with their sources of origin, and then, in cooperation with our customers, we monitor how this translates into sales and profit. Being not only an advertising partner, but also an analytics and business intelligence consultant, we can jointly build sales growth in the company and maximally use our client's marketing budget.

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