E-commerce audit

The e-commerce audit offered by Marketing Online is a comprehensive analysis that allows you to significantly increase profits from your business.

The basic audit of online stores and more, in the free version, is great for assessing the situation, making sure everything is ok, or finding out about the overall growth potential and the main areas for improvement.

A full audit is valued after a free audit, because then you know that it makes sense and there is something to work on.

The full audit includes the analysis of:

  • store in terms of operation, usability, graphics, etc. elements
  • automation of logistics processes and procedures
  • ERP system and management of sales-warehouse departments
  • competition
  • advertising campaigns
  • web analytics
  • social media
  • communication strategy with existing customers
  • CRM and Marketing Automation systems
  • and other important elements

Contact us to order a free ecommerce audit and arrange its discussion in the form of online consultations.