Customer Lifecycle Marketing

Customer marketing is planning marketing communication based on a carefully researched purchasing process and the stage at which the recipient is located.

Different messages appear in campaigns building brand awareness and conveying knowledge about the advertised product / service, different at each subsequent stage of the customer's purchasing process.

Customer Lifecycle Marketing also points to the importance of communication at the post-purchase stage, because it builds loyalty, leads to subsequent purchases, i.e. increasing the so-called customer lifetime value, and strengthens brand awareness and opinion through recommendations and recommendations.

If you already conduct advertising activities, consider whether your messages are perfectly matched to the recipient, do you use appropriate data on user behavior on your own website and customer data you have to precisely personalize the advertising message?

If you see potential for improvement, take matters into your own hands and start changing for the better. If you are just thinking about launching advertising campaigns, start with a good strategy based on customer marketing. By fine-tuning your strategy, you can save a large chunk of your advertising budget or get much more results from the same advertising budget.

Find out about the campaigns in which we used the appropriate advertising strategy and achieved excellent sales results. Excellent cooperation between different types of campaigns means that every zloty spent on advertising (also euro or dollar, because we also run export campaigns) contributes to the increase in sales in your company.

If you want to talk to us about refining your advertising strategy and possible results to be achieved, please contact us and together we can implement one of the following plans:

If you don't have any active campaigns yet:

1. make an appointment for a free interview in which we will discuss your advertising goals

2.After the interview, we will present you with an action plan that will include an advertising strategy that will be able to achieve your goal. We will provide you with the required recommended advertising budget and present the costs of our service

3.After your approval, we will plan a safe start of the campaign, in which, thanks to appropriate preparation, we maximize the chances of achieving the set advertising goals

4.we will offer you trainings that will allow you to gain extended knowledge, go to an even higher level in conversations about advertising strategy on the Internet and acquire the ability to quickly assess the effectiveness of campaigns

If you already have active advertising campaigns:

1. order a free audit in which we will answer the question whether your advertising campaigns have the potential to increase effectiveness. You will find out if more can be achieved for the same budget

2.After the audit, we will also present you our cooperation offer

3.Based on the information presented in the audit and the offer, you will decide whether you want to let us run your advertising campaigns or leave them in the hands of the current specialist

4.if you entrust us with running your advertising campaigns, we will take over all activities from you, implement changes to increase the effectiveness of activities and show you what to pay attention to when analyzing the campaign results, so that you can always be sure that the campaigns are conducted best for you as possible

5.If you decide to leave the campaign to the same person, you can order a full and paid campaign audit, where we will provide you with recommendations which areas of the campaign should be improved to increase the effectiveness of activities. Take advantage of the offer of our training courses to increase your knowledge about effective advertising on the Internet.

Schedule a no-obligation first consulting meeting.

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