Web Usability Audit

Web Usability Audit is a website usability study containing recommendations for changes to the website that will significantly increase conversion rates and ROI from all advertising activities.

We perform a functionality audit in two versions:

a) basic - performed before the commencement of advertising activities

b) extended - full website usability analysis

Basic audit is based on the elements of usability testing, which can identify individual sections that require changes to the site in order to conduct effective advertising activities and not waste the advertising budget as a result of the shortcomings of the site. We do not offer this audit in a free version, but at the beginning of our agency cooperation, it is often attached to a comprehensive offer of conducting advertising campaigns on the Internet.

The full Web Usability analysis includes:

  • segmentation of website users
  • usability testing based on site usage scenarios; and video recording for sessions
  • creating a concept of changes in the website for individual segments and their testing (A / B and multi-variant tests)
  • data analysis, conclusions and recommendations of the best versions of individual website elements in order to maximize the usability of the website for individual user segments

Individual stages of a full Web Usability Audit:

individual elements of the website to maximize the usability of the website?

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What do we need from you to perform the Audit?

  • Access to a Google Analytics account that is correctly configured and collects relevant data (if your Google Analytics is not properly configured, we can also take care of its configuration)
  • Establishing a measurement strategy or prior commissioning of the full Google Analytics and Tag Manager Audit service.
  • Access to website management, if you commission us to implement optimization changes at the same time.