We conduct campaigns for the education industry both in Poland and abroad.

We work with universities and schools that offer a wide range of courses and training.

The aim of these campaigns is to implement a well-defined recruitment plan and number of students or course participants through wide-ranging educational advertising aimed at an effective school promotion campaign. For over 10 years, we have also run our own campaign for Marketing Online Training, trying to provide each edition of the training with a complete set of participants.

In planning the marketing and advertising strategy of educational institutions, addressed mainly to young people, we use the promotion of the school through appropriate advertising platforms and formats, as well as properly configure web analytics to be able to optimize advertising campaigns and promotional activities, which results in an increase in the number of registrations for a semester, course or training. We recruit students from abroad by building and implementing multilingual educational advertisements, the purpose of which is to promote schools and universities in several countries. The campaigns implemented in Social Media and Google Ads have a great impact on the promotion of schools, which effectively increase the reach of marketing of educational services through better brand recognition, which in turn increases the number of enrollments and builds relationships.

We also conduct training at universities for both students and marketing departments to increase awareness of the possibilities of promoting schools. We train in Polish and English.

If you want to talk to us about increasing sales in the education industry and marketing of educational services, arrange a no-obligation consulting meeting. We will ask about your goals and give you a preliminary recommendation.

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