Media-Mix audit

The Digital Media-Mix audit is a review and verification of all advertising campaigns in terms of achieving their goal. It requires prior talk about your goals for marketing and sales.

The Media Mix audit is only offered in the extended version. It is conducted with the use of web analytics data and requires prior proper installation and configuration of Google Analytics and & nbspTag Manager. This audit verifies that the entire advertising budget is being implemented effectively and will lead to the achievement of the set goals.

The mix marketing strategy also indicates the optimal advertising budget to achieve a specific goal, helps to avoid over-investment in individual ads and use the full potential of effective ads. If you already commission campaigns or intend to do so, it is included in the comprehensive cooperation offer.

The individual stages leading to the development of the Media-Mix Audit and the most effective budget allocation for individual advertising campaigns on the Internet are:

In the last stage, the Media Plan is created, which can ensure the achievement of the marketing and sales goals at the lowest cost. When buying online advertising, it is much more important how effectively the advertising budget is implemented and what is the cost of leading to a sale transaction or other interaction with the website, than the cost of buying media expressed in the price of a click or ad impression (CPC, CPM).

Cheap purchase of impressions or clicks does not guarantee success, therefore a much more detailed analysis of effectiveness is needed, preceded by a professional marketing strategy and a proper advertising mix on the web.

How to order an audit for us?

1. Fill out the contact form to arrange an initial, no-obligation interview for an online Media Mix audit quote.

2. If you like the concept and our offer, we will arrange a longer conversation during which we will want to get more information about your needs and goals to be implemented. Usually, before this meeting, we sign a confidentiality agreement, followed by orders for a full Google Analytics, Tag Manager and Media-Mix audit.

What do we need from you to conduct a Media Mix Audit?

  • Access to your Google Analytics account and Google Tag Manager.
  • If you don't have access to these accounts - get it, otherwise you won't have control over your own advertising budget.