Audits and consulting

To start improving Internet Marketing, it must first be properly measured

Are you looking for a way to verify the correctness of your internet marketing activities?

You're in the right place. Google Ads, Facebook Ads and Digital Media-Mix audits allow you to verify whether your campaigns are run in an optimal manner and effectively implement the advertising budget.

The Google Analytics & GTM audit will allow you to check whether all campaigns and visits on the website are well measured and you collect correct data, because without them it is impossible to optimize the campaign well. SEO audit is about optimizing your website for the Google search engine so as to rank high in the search engine and achieve a high quality score in Google Ads and pay less for the ad. Web Usability audit allows you to improve the site so that visits to it are characterized by higher conversion and engagement.

The audit services we provide are divided into two types:

a) Basic audit
Find out if your actions are effective and how they are rated by experienced specialists on a scale from 1 to 10.

b) Extended audit
Find out exactly how we rate your actions on a scale of 1 to 10, with detailed recommendations and explanations of what needs to be done to make them more effective.
Order a consultation and training, during which you will understand the topic in-depth and maybe the next time you will do the audit yourself.

Basic version of audits

It's perfect for getting a 0-10 rating and finding out what the potential for improving a campaign or other service is. If you outsource advertising campaigns on the Internet, website positioning or analytics installation and you want to check if these services are well conducted for you, the basic audit is perfect for you. After receiving the answer, you may require the company or the person running your campaign to correct individual elements that have been assessed less well, and that company should know exactly what to do to improve the situation.

Extended audit version

It is recommended for people who want to get detailed information about what needs to be improved and how exactly these changes should be made. It is useful for people who independently conduct advertising campaigns, seo or implement Internet analytics. It allows you to learn and improve your marketing activities on the Internet at the same time. If learning is your main goal, check also our Google Ads and Google Analytics self-audit training. If you plan to cooperate with & nbsp Marketing Online you do not need a paid audit because always at the beginning of cooperation, we conduct detailed audits in all areas covered by the cooperation.