Marketing strategy

A digital agency is your investment advisor who will help you achieve the required return on investment, if both sides do their homework and invest the right amount of work in the implementation of the strategy

Regardless of whether you are just starting to advertise on the Internet, or you have already completed many campaigns, building an appropriate marketing strategy with the assumption of an appropriate budget to the client's financial capabilities requires special preparation in order to be able to start advertising activities.

After a detailed analysis of your business, customers, website and the competitive environment, you will be offered a marketing strategy that:

1. It will indicate which marketing activities and in what order should be implemented individual advertising strategies in order to achieve the assumed goal at the lowest cost

2. It will have the optimal advertising budget calculated for the goal you want to achieve

3. Will answer what can be achieved if your budget is already set and limited

4. He will tell you how to optimize your budget when planning online marketing activities to achieve your goal at the lowest cost and get the highest return on investment

Thanks to a marketing strategy constructed in this way, you know what effect you can expect with a specific advertising budget before starting any activities.

The cooperation path we recommend to you:

1. Trening

The beginning of cooperation in creating the best marketing strategy begins with training that will allow you to fully understand our recommendations - the training covers the scope of analytics, we train you, and you train us. We will ask you questions that will help us learn your business, find out what your goals are to achieve - so as to get to know the specifics of your business as well as possible, which will help us in the appropriate preparation of an advertising strategy.

2. Audit

The next step is to conduct the necessary audits to assess your advertising activities to date, to get to know your target group, your customers' purchasing process, the competitive environment, the current state of web analytics and all other necessary information so that we know what is needed to achieve your advertising goals. and marketing.

3. Preparation

To win in Internet advertising, you need good planning and preparation of marketing activities, web analytics, campaign structures and website. Depending on the purpose of the campaign, we select the appropriate advertising systems and types of campaigns, make estimates for all of them and recommend the appropriate media-mix, i.e. the right set of advertising media, to achieve the best results. All marketing strategies introduced by us must be effective from the moment they are launched, so we take care to provide you with detailed measurements of effectiveness at every stage of your online activity. The omnichannel communication strategy is based on the most effective communication channels and is adapted to the purchasing process of your customers. We also improve the configuration of analytics so that the collected data allows for the correct optimization of the campaign at a later time.

4. Start

After developing and preparing an appropriate marketing strategy, we start with your advertising campaign and implementation of the advertising budget under full control and with the aim of maximizing the effects of the campaign. After launching the campaign, our certified experts monitor its effects on an ongoing basis and properly select targeting methods and ad formats to ensure the highest effectiveness. They are supported by AdMotiv - our proprietary tool for optimizing the advertising budget. The effectiveness of the advertising strategy grows the most during the first days and weeks, but from the very beginning we require it to reach a predetermined level. What does this mean for you? We completely relieve you of running campaigns, at the same time leaving you full control over them through access to reports and advertising accounts. In addition, we provide convenient and understandable reporting 24/7/365.

5.The decision to continue the implementation of the advertising strategy

If your company's marketing strategy is satisfactory and the campaign results are satisfactory for you, you continue to cooperate with us, if not, the contract allows you to terminate the order at any time during the contract period, to be settled according to implementation.

Why almost all clients extend their cooperation with us, despite the fact that the contract allows it to be completed within 1 day?

  • No risk. We have the most honest deal on the market with the option to stop the marketing campaign within 1 day. This means that the only thing that convinces us to cooperate with us is high efficiency, satisfying results, as well as professional service and training.
  • Professional preparation guarantees the best possible campaign results
  • Estimating the results of a marketing strategy before its launch. Analytics allows you to predict and improve ads on an ongoing basis in order to achieve the goal
  • Properly configured analytics and its integration with sales allow you to control the return on investment on an ongoing basis
  • By outsourcing an agency's marketing campaign, you don't lose control over your advertising budget. We build trust for months and years, but from the very beginning we apply a transparent model of cooperation and share knowledge
  • We specialize in performance campaigns that we run using web analytics and our own AdMotiv management and optimization platform. Our campaigns have won MIXX awards and nominations in the Google Premier Partners Awards. We have already carried out over 9,000 SEM campaigns in almost 20 countries with combined budgets of several hundred million zlotys
  • We offer our clients a series of trainings, and our experts and customer consultants share their knowledge during online meetings and conversations

How to commission us to plan and create a marketing and advertising strategy on the Internet?

1. Fill out the contact form to arrange a free consultation in order to receive a quote (online consultation available)

2. If you like the concept, and it describes the individual stages of conducting a marketing campaign for your company and our offer, we will arrange a longer conversation during which we will want to get more information about your needs and goals to be implemented. Usually, before this meeting, we sign a confidentiality agreement, followed by orders for the performance of a full range of marketing strategy services.

What do we need from you to prepare a marketing strategy?

1. Access to advertising accounts, e.g. Google Ads, Facebook Ads - depending on the advertising media you currently run. If you already have ad campaigns but don't have access to ad accounts - get one or you won't have control over your own ad budget

2. Access to Google Analytics and Search Console

3. It is possible to develop a marketing strategy plan without the above, but if possible, we strongly recommend that you allow us to prepare a concept of action based on solid data.