Web Analytics

In order to conduct advertising campaigns on the Internet well, you need a well-configured Web Analytics and a combination of it with marketing and business analytics, because your sales processes also take place outside the website.

This applies to both the B2B / B2C service sector, where conversations with your customers take place outside the website, as well as e-commerce, where there are additional transactions and returns outside the website.

The purpose of web analytics in the area of advertising effectiveness analysis is to answer the question of how each part of the advertising campaigns carried out contributes to the achievement of the goal and whether each zloty spent on advertising is justified in the data.

Our goal is to properly plan the broadly understood analytics, mainly based on the elements of marketing and web analytics, so as to measure what is important, present you with reports that will be 100% understandable and will ensure that your budget is spent in an optimal way. Having a well-prepared measurement plan and a well-configured analytical system, e.g. Google Analytics and Tag Manager, you collect data that allows you to make the right decisions regarding investment in online advertising.

Case Studies