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If your company has or has already conducted online marketing activities, but their results are not satisfactory or you want to check if it is possible to achieve better results, please contact us to arrange an initial online interview.

We will present you the recommended strategy for your marketing goal and estimated campaign results for different budget levels. We will also prepare a cooperation offer and recommend an appropriate set of trainings that will allow for better cooperation with our agency. During the meetings, we present the model of cooperation and methods of: campaign optimization, joint setting of campaign goals and reporting.

In particular, we recommend online marketing management training, during which we explain how to evaluate the quality of agency services, how to choose an agency for cooperation, what you need to learn to effectively cooperate with an agency and how to conduct bid competitions.

If, at the interview stage, we get access to advertising accounts and a Google Analytics account, we will be able to assess the quality of current activities and the potential for increasing their effectiveness.

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