Video / YouTube campaigns

YouTube is currently the second most used search engine in the world, right after Google.

Video ads on YouTube allow you to reach a wide group of potentially interested recipients, shape the image or build awareness of the brand, its products and services. Thanks to the integration with Google Ads, advertising campaigns on YouTube also allow for the extensive use of tools for sales purposes, including by redirecting the user to your online store or website.

The most popular video advertising format on YouTube is in-stream ads, settled in the CPV (cost per view) model, which means that the payment is made only after the user views the material. Advertising in the video format is currently the fastest growing trend in marketing, which effectively builds engagement among its recipients. The video allows you to convey much more qualitative content than a regular text ad, thus it is more memorable for users, and this translates into strengthening the activities of YouTube Ads marketing campaigns and increasing sales.

If you are looking for an agency that will comprehensively lead your YouTube Ads activities, propose an effective action strategy, and then implement it, achieving the assumed sales / image results - we are ready to help you with this.

If you already run YouTube activities, but are not satisfied with the current results, contact us and we will offer you a well-thought-out strategy that will improve your current sales results from YouTube advertising and you will achieve your goals.

We conduct video activities in many industries, including e-commerce, b2b and b2c using various types of video advertising campaigns, which we decide based on the goals we want to achieve. Customers see a huge sales and image potential of the company in the activities carried out, while being aware of the need to reach new customers not only from the Google search engine or paid ads on Facebook, but constantly expanding their activities with places where potentially interested users spend their time. time.

The recommended action plan is:

1. Schedule a free interview to discuss your advertising goals and how we can help you achieve them.

2. If you already run video marketing campaigns and you want to increase their effectiveness on YouTube or Google, commission us to a basic video campaign audit, in which we will answer the question whether your campaign has a chance to get better results

3. Order a free media campaign plan, in which you will receive estimated results that we will be able to work out for you within the set budget and our offer.

4. After your acceptance of the offer, we will begin preparations for the launch of the marketing campaign - we will create a Google Ads advertising account (if you do not have one), or we will ask you for access to an already created advertising account. Then we will implement the necessary analytics and a whole range of activities in the campaign, and we will run and optimize the campaign on an ongoing basis. As part of the cooperation, you will receive the support of your dedicated Account Manager responsible for regular reporting and discussing the results of Google Ads and YouTube Ads.

We specialize in video campaigns, running effective campaigns for clients since 2006. The correct course of each campaign is supervised by a Google Ads specialist who has a Google Ads certificate in video advertising and has at least several years of experience in independent video campaigns.

To manage online marketing campaigns, we use the proprietary AdMotiv tool, which gives us the opportunity to improve the effectiveness of campaigns by an average of several dozen percent. Importantly, as part of our cooperation, you stop any access to your Google Ads, Google Analytics and other advertising accounts that we use in advertising activities - having constant supervision over the campaigns conducted for you.

The effective operation of advertising campaigns on YouTube is based on:

  • appropriate selection of advertising activities for the purposes of your company
  • implementation of proper analytics and integration of activities with Google Ads
  • preparing an action strategy that will meet the requirements of your potential customers and the industry in which you operate
  • preparing appropriate groups of recipients
  • recommendations for creating quality videos
  • implementing the appropriate campaign settings
  • constant analysis of activities and their optimization
  • detailed reporting of each activity

We belong to Google Premier Partners, the Google Elevator Program, and our campaigns were nominated in the Google Premier Partners Awards, which puts us among the best SEM Agencies in Poland. As one of the few in Poland, we have the Google Analytics & Tag Manager Certified Partner certificate and we can boast the name of the Google Marketing Platform Partner.

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