In the financial industry, we had the opportunity to gain experience by creating financial services marketing for banks, insurance companies, loan companies and many other entities.

We ran advertisements for banks, advertised bank accounts, mortgage loans, cash loans, car loans, term deposits, motor insurance, housing insurance, tourist insurance, leasing and other financial instruments. We have worked for, among others, Polbank, Raiffeisen Bank, BGŻ, Allianz Direct. For the campaign for Allianz, we received the MIXX award - 1st place in the search engine marketing category, achieving a 200% return on investment in advertising activities.

Operating in the financial industry, we have always focused on fully configured analytics and collecting high-quality data, statistically correct and representative. We have built our own Analytics system to track multi-channel paths and perform analyzes based on raw data, as well as Bid Optimizer and Media-Mix Optimizer, which, after appropriate data attribution, optimally distributed the advertising budget between advertising systems and individual campaigns and groups / ad sets.

We combine website traffic analysis with business intelligence data from CRM and ERP systems of clients, thanks to which we can optimize the quality of leads, and thus the return on investment in advertising (ROAS) and profit. We conduct campaigns according to precisely defined goals, such as the cost of acquiring the customer (not only the cost of the completed application, but the final sale), ROAS / ROI or total profit (with the possibility of taking into account the so-called "lifetime value").

In order to maximize the effectiveness of our campaigns, we have created our own tools (including AdMotiv) and algorithms to help us better understand the behavior of buyers on the site and beyond, and adjust the strategy and tactics of purchasing a campaign in such a way as to achieve the highest possible increase in sales from the budget entrusted to us. advertising.

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