Google Ads

Google Ads campaigns include search text ads as well as image and video ads displayed in contextually relevant ad placements, to the right audience, in the right location and at the right time.

We have been serving the Google Ads system for our clients since 2004 and we also conduct Google Ads training . If you are looking for a SEM agency that will help you run your Google Ads campaigns effectively or if you are wondering if and how you can improve the effectiveness of your current campaigns - you are in the right place.

Many of our clients recorded significant increases in sales thanks to effectively implemented and optimized advertising campaigns in Google Ads. Depending on the industry and the specificity of the business, the increase in sales in over 70% of cases is from several to several dozen percent within the first months of cooperation. Importantly, we are able to estimate this potential after getting to know your business and define an action plan.

By implementing effective advertising measures or optimizing your current campaigns, you can increase your company's sales results. If that's your goal, all you need to do is take the right steps and benefit from our recommendations and support. We will be happy to provide you with the knowledge you need to make accurate and well-thought-out decisions.

As part of our cooperation, we offer appropriate development paths for companies that start advertising on the Internet as well as for companies that already have active campaigns.

If you do not run advertising activities in Google Ads yet and are looking for an agency that will conduct them for you, then:

1. Make an appointment for a free interview in which we will discuss your advertising goals

2. After the interview, we will present you with an action plan, which will include the campaign project and estimated results that the campaign will be able to generate within the entrusted budget. We will also present you the costs of our service.

3. After your approval, we will plan a safe start of the campaign, in which, thanks to appropriate preparation, we maximize the chances of achieving the set advertising goals. You keep full access to your advertising account so that you have a constant overview of the activities we conduct for you.

4. You receive the support of your dedicated Account Manager, who is at your disposal as part of the cooperation, the campaign has a dedicated Google Ads Specialist with Google certificates and at least several years of experience in independent campaigning. Both the Guardian and the Specialist have Assistants and deputies who look after the campaign in their absence. We also offer you a transparent contract where you have the right to stop any campaign on any day of its duration. We don't have long-term contracts.

5. Training - we will recommend you appropriate training in Digital Marketing, including Google Ads or Google Analytics, which will allow you to expand your knowledge so that you can analyze the results of the campaign, be sure that it is conducted perfectly and communicate with us very effectively. It is not about the ability to conduct a campaign on your own, but about knowledge that will allow you to independently check the quality of our work and make sure that everything is carried out perfectly and that it cannot get any better.

If you already run Google Ads advertising campaigns:

1. Order a free audit and you will receive an answer on how well your campaign is run and what potential it has to increase effectiveness.

2.After the audit, you will also receive our Google Ads cooperation offer.

3. Decide whether you want to commission this campaign to us or leave it in the hands of the current specialist

4. If you entrust us with running your advertising campaigns, we will take over, implement all changes to improve their effectiveness and show you how to audit your campaigns yourself and make sure that they are run very well. We achieve the greatest increases in the first few months of cooperation, but often this increase covers many years of cooperation.

5. If you decide to leave running your Google Ads campaign to the person who is currently running it, we can also help you. You can order a full and paid campaign audit, which we perform with our proprietary AdMotiv tool and partly manually. We will then provide you with detailed recommendations which elements of the campaign should be improved and what exactly should be done.

You can also take advantage of our training offer to increase the knowledge of effective campaigns in Google Ads in your company. All this to make your campaign work better and generate more sales.

An effective Google Ads campaign is primarily:

  • proper preparation of the website and web analytics (we discuss this topic in the training in internet marketing management and in the training in Google Analytics)
  • optimal selection of campaign types, advertising formats and methods of targeting ads to recipients (we talk about it in the training with Google Ads - Day 1 and training in planning advertising campaigns on the Internet from scratch)
  • the correct structure of the campaign (we cover this topic in the training with Google Ads - Day 1)
  • proper campaign settings (we explain this during the Google Ads training - Day 1)
  • high quality score for the campaign (discussed in the Google Ads training - Day 1)
  • perfectly conducted bidding for the purchase rates for clicks in the campaign (we explain this in the training with Google Ads, day 1,2,3, and with Google Analytics, day 1,2,3)
  • and many other aspects

In our work, to manage Google Ads campaigns, we use AdMotiv, a proprietary platform that includes the Audytor tool (Campaign scan and test showing the overall assessment and elements for improvement), Campaign Manager (campaign management and implementation of the set goal) and Media-Mix Optimizer (budget allocation). for individual campaigns). Thanks to this, we are able to improve the effectiveness of campaigns by even several dozen or several hundred percent, and thanks to the tools we have, we do it quickly and efficiently. However, we do not promise an increase in efficiency in the blind and to everyone. We do this solely on the basis of thorough audit analysis.

We belong to Google Premier Partners, the Google Elevator Program, and our campaigns were nominated in the Google Premier Partners Awards, which puts us among the best SEM Agencies in Poland.

We are one of the few companies in Poland with Google Analytics (since 2010) & Tag Manager Certified Partner certificates and a Google Marketing Platform Partner.

By cooperating with Marketing Online , you get permanent access to Google Ads, Google Analytics and any other accounts used for advertising activities. We are a member of IAB and we apply the highest standards of the SEM and SEO code of ethics.

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