Meta Ads (Previously Facebook Ads)

Meta Ads (previously Facebook Ads) is an advertising system that allows you to advertise simultaneously on Meta (previously Facebook), Instagram, Messenger and Audience Network.

With a dozen or so advertising goals at your disposal, Meta (previously Facebook) marketing uses appropriate groups of recipients, offering the opportunity to reach people potentially interested in your offer and thus increase sales in your company. We have been dealing with advertising on Meta (previously FB) for over 13 years, we also conduct 2-day training with Meta Ads (previously Facebook Ads).

If you are looking for an Agency that will run advertising activities for you with Meta Ads (previously Facebook Ads) or you want to check if and how you can increase the effectiveness of your current campaigns, read this text to the end.

Our clients, after starting cooperation, notice significant increases in sales. At the very beginning of our cooperation, we present you a plan of advertising campaigns on Meta (previously Facebook), in which we are able to estimate the results of the proposed marketing activities.

As part of our cooperation, we offer you two development paths, thanks to which you can increase the sales results of your company by implementing effective marketing on Meta (previously Facebook). If that's your goal, take advantage of our recommendations and support.

If you do not have active Meta Ads (previously Facebook Ads) campaigns yet, and you want to commission us to run them:

1. Make an appointment for a free interview in which we will discuss your advertising goals

2. After the conversation, we will present you an action plan, which will include a Meta (previously Facebook) advertising campaign plan and estimated results that the campaign will be able to generate within the entrusted budget.

3. We will also present you the costs of our service.

4. After your approval, we will plan a safe start of the campaign, in which, thanks to appropriate preparation, we increase the chances of achieving the set advertising goals.

5. You keep full access to your advertising account, you have constant access to the marketing activities on Meta (previously Facebook) that we conduct for you, and your dedicated Advisor will be at your disposal throughout the entire period of cooperation.

6. We will also offer you a series of Digital Marketing training courses, incl. Meta Ads (previously Facebook Ads) or Google Analytics, which will allow you to gain extended knowledge on how to analyze your campaign results, and this will translate into even more effective conversations about the development of your advertising campaigns.

If you already have active advertising campaigns:

1. Order a free Meta Ads (previously Facebook Ads) audit in which we will answer the question whether your marketing campaign has the potential to increase effectiveness. After the audit, we will present you our cooperation offer.

2.Based on the information presented in the Meta Ads (previously Facebook Ads) audit, you will decide whether you want to let us run your advertising campaigns on Meta (previously Facebook) or leave it in the hands of an existing specialist.

3.If you entrust us with running your ads in Meta Ads (previously Facebook Ads), we will take over all actions from you, implement changes to increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaign and show you what to look for when analyzing the results and maximizing the reach of your Meta Ads (previously Facebook Ads), so that you can always be sure that campaigns conducted for you achieve the highest and most satisfactory effectiveness.

4. If you decide to leave the campaign to the same person, order a paid campaign audit, where we will provide you with recommendations which areas of the campaign should be improved to increase the effectiveness of marketing activities and Facebook ads. Take advantage of our training offer to increase your knowledge about effective advertising in Meta Ads (previously Facebook Ads).

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