Optimizing the budget and media mix

Regular optimization of the marketing budget and Media-Mix, and thus the achievement of goals and an optimal media plan of the advertising campaign, is possible only after the comprehensive implementation of web analytics on your website, where only correct and representative data are collected, and the optimization scheme based on them is clearly defined. Therefore, it is not possible to carry out budget optimization and Media-Mix activities without the implementation of comprehensive web analytics.

As an agency, we have created a proprietary optimization algorithm based on conversion attribution and econometric research, thanks to which we can maximize the results obtained from budgets for advertising activities. The entire service is provided on an ongoing basis to our regular customers.

Regular optimization of the budget and Media-Mix consists in:

  • constant data analysis at various levels of detail in various dimensions,
  • carrying out multi-channel conversion attribution and econometric modeling to see how individual advertising campaigns affect each other and ultimately determine their real impact on sales,
  • refining the model used to optimize the budget division on an ongoing basis,
  • the use of appropriate optimization algorithms that use the portfolio method to calculate optimal budgets for individual advertising systems, campaign types and individual ads (we have created a proprietary optimization algorithm that calculates the optimal budget for each advertisement using the portfolio method, which allows you to maximize the effect obtained from the advertising budget on an ongoing basis),
  • building optimal media plans that contain detailed information about the budget, optimization strategy and estimated results for individual campaign segments and as a whole.