Trust and cooperation

When you decide to cooperate, you give us the reins over your advertising campaigns, but you also want to have access to all advertising accounts of your company - this is exactly what our cooperation looks like!

We act on your behalf, but you have full access to advertising accounts. We constantly work on the results of your campaigns and provide you with the knowledge necessary to be sure that your campaigns are well optimized.

What's more, if our actions are unclear to you - we explain and educate, or we simply meet at our training, where we share knowledge so that both parties are sure of their actions. We sincerely appreciate if our clients take part in training - our joint work is then even more effective.

Cooperation for us means:


From the first day of cooperation, you have full access to all advertising accounts on which we operate. Our supervisors also make sure that all questions regarding actions are clarified so that both parties know what is happening with the campaign and what stage it is currently at.

Campaign launch under full control

Before the start of an advertising campaign, we prepare comprehensively for its conduct. What we mean here is: proper implementation of analytics, analysis of SEO activities, or the correctness of the web-usability of your website. You have access to Google Analytics, reports in Data Studio, and we explain to you where to look for the appropriate indicators and how to interpret them. What's more, you decide when the campaign starts or when to disable it - you can do it on any day of the month.


In addition to advertising activities, we share knowledge during open or dedicated training. We teach clients and outsiders how to analyze data, how to run campaigns or how to commission them - thus we show how to evaluate the effectiveness of our activities. In our offer you will find trainings, among others with Google Analytics, Google Ads or Facebook Ads. We already wrote this, but we appreciate how our clients educate with us.

No long term contract

Transparency of activities is combined with a transparent contract that we offer you. We believe that you want to cooperate with us because we work well and meet the assumptions of your campaign. However, if it happens that it is necessary to stop the campaigns, you can do it at any time, without incurring contractual penalties - such provisions are not and will not be with us!

I am creating an agency that I would like to work with myself. In the team, we know that the results of the campaigns are the most important for you, as a customer, that is why we have mastered the secrets of web analytics and advertising platforms combined with automation. We believe that today's technology can significantly help us and save working time, and then we can use our knowledge and experience in creating creative activities for your company.