Marketing Automation

Automation marketing allows you to conduct automated marketing activities in your company that will increase sales, while improving and accelerating repetitive marketing activities.

The activities use various channels of reaching and communicating with the recipient, such as: e-mail marketing, web push notification, mobile push notification, SMS, web personalization (social proof, pop-up), automated client service (Live chat, Chat bot, Call page). There are many options to reach your recipients, but the basis is a correctly planned Marketing Automation strategy.

Customers who have already decided on Marketing Automation activities notice high increases in sales in their companies after a very short time from the implementation of the service. The very implementation of one channel of contact with the user on the website is able to generate higher sales results.

If you are looking for an agency that will take care of the full implementation and conduct of Marketing Automation activities in your company, along with the creation of an effective strategy that realistically increases sales, we will be happy to help you. We will take care of the comprehensive support for your activities, and you will focus on the next development plans of your business.

We will implement advanced marketing campaigns in various channels, using personalization of messages and user segmentation. We will take responsibility for creating the necessary communication elements (e-mail templates, segments, automatic scenarios etc.).

We will use A / B tests, thanks to which we will increase the effectiveness of the campaign, which means that the number of your sales and quality leads will increase. We have extensive experience in conducting Marketing Automation activities in industries such as clothing, furniture, cosmetics, e-grocery and others.

If you already run Marketing Automation activities, then the path of cooperation will consist in:

1. Briefing - we will talk about your current Marketing Automation activities and the possibilities of automating additional activities that you conduct in your company.

2. Audit and determination of your needs - we will check the results of already conducted MA activities and, based on the interview, we will define your current requirements for automation.

3. Recommendations for improvement of current activities in MA - after the audit, you will receive from us a plan to improve the effectiveness of current activities and we will offer you new automation opportunities based on your business needs.

4. Preparation of advertising materials and implementation of new ideas - on the basis of your company's advertising materials, we will prepare appropriate materials and implement them for communication.

5. Conducting, optimizing and reporting activities.

If you want to start Marketing Automation in your company from scratch , we will start our cooperation with:

1. Briefing - during a non-binding conversation, we will discuss your current or planned marketing activities and expectations regarding automation.

2. Determining the needs - together we will determine the scope of Marketing Automation necessary for implementation in your company.

3. Recommendations regarding technologies and activities in MA - we will choose the appropriate Marketing Automation system for you, which will suit your business activities.

4. Implementation of the selected technology.

5. Preparation of advertising materials and implementation of communication strategies in individual channels - this is also our part, based on your advertising materials, we will create appropriate materials and implement them.

6. Conduct, optimize and report MA activities.

Each campaign is run by a specialist with several years of experience in independently conducting Marketing Automation activities. We carry out activities using various Marketing Automation technologies: SalesManago, Synerice, Exponea, Getresponse, Freshmail, ActiveCampaign, the choice of which we discuss with the client based on business needs.

We base the effective activities of Marketing Automation on:

  • properly selected tools for implemented campaigns
  • correct configuration of the Marketing Automation tool
  • obtaining the subscriber's consent in the double opt in model
  • user segmentation in CRM
  • creating a schedule and promotional campaigns
  • sending personalized e-mails, web push, sms, mobile push etc.
  • using the capabilities of AI and Machine Learning to even better adapt marketing messages (e.g. product recommendations) to each of the recipients
  • testing ideas as part of the A / B test
  • reporting and data analysis

These are only a part of the responsibilities that our specialists do every day as part of the Marketing Automation service. At the end of the month, we also create a detailed report for you, thanks to which you have full knowledge of how effective these activities are, and we indicate in black and white which activities are the most effective. You have our knowledge and support throughout the whole time of cooperation.

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