Meta Ads (previously Facebook Ads) audit

The Meta Ads (previously Facebook Ads) audit is part of the social media ads audit, which focuses primarily on the analysis of your previous activities on your advertising account and identifying potential areas for improvement. In the Meta Ads (previously Facebook Ads) Audit, we check the ad manager, i.e. also paid activities on Instagram, Messenger and Audience Network, which is why we call it the Social Media Ads audit.

As part of the Meta Ads (previously Facebook Ads) audit, we will check how your current activities are achieving the assumed marketing goals of your company and we will recommend you how to get a greater return on Meta Ads (previously Facebook Ads). We will also check your competition in order to recommend you actions that will allow you to stand out on the market.

We divide the Meta Ads (previously Facebook Ads) audit into two versions:

Basic Free - Initial Meta Ads (previously Facebook Ads) Mini-Audit

It is a basic analysis of activities on an advertising account and an indication of places that require configuration or improvement. In the social media ads mini-audit, we focus on analyzing the correctness of Pixel of Meta company (previously FB Pixel) implementation and URL parameters that will allow you to analyze the traffic obtained on the website in Google Analytics. We will also analyze the groups of recipients used in terms of their suitability and potential, using external tools.

If you outsource your Meta Ads (previously Facebook Ads) campaigns and want to verify the correctness of their operation - the basic social media audit is the perfect form of verification for you. After receiving a response from our website, you may require the company or the person running your campaigns to frequently consult in the field of Facebook and Instagram advertising whether individual elements have been corrected or implemented in your advertising account.

Extended paid audit - detailed Meta Ads (previously Facebook Ads) audit

A comprehensive report in which we analyze the full structure of your recent advertising campaigns and provide you with recommendations indicating the exact areas for improvement. The audit complements the free social media ads mini-audit.

What question will you find the answer in the paid Meta Ads (previously Facebook Ads) audit?

  • Is your Meta (previously FB) advertising strategy aligned with the overall Media-Mix strategy?
  • are the actions taken by the user on your website properly monitored by Pixel of Meta company (previously FB Pixel) ? Is Pixel itself properly integrated into the product catalog?
  • do you use the potential of target groups in relation to the industry in which you operate?
  • do you choose the advertising goals correctly for your activities? Do you use different goals or are you mostly link-based? If you are looking for recommendations, you will get them from us!
  • do you correctly apply the rules of organization of the advertising account structure? Are your actions broken down into campaigns, ad sets, and ads?
  • Do you choose the campaign's goal correctly and optimize its budget?
  • Do you properly define your ad audience, relying on non-standard audiences or similar audiences? Do you apply user exclusion to your audience?
  • Do the created ads respond and encourage the actions of your potential customers? Are they properly prepared in terms of content and graphics?
  • will you adjust the ad content to the ad target and audience? How relevant are the graphics and video used in your ad creatives?

To sum up - after a paid audit of your Meta Ads (previously Facebook) Ads account, you will receive full recommendations for further action. The final task after receiving the audit will be the implementation of the indicated recommendations. We can help you with this as well.


Free Basic Audit . Paid Extended Audit
Analysis and evaluation of analytics configuration (basic verification Pixel of Meta company (previously FB Pixel) and events on the website) V. V.
Analysis and evaluation of settings at the campaign level V V
Analysis and evaluation of ad sets configuration V V
Analysis and evaluation of groups of recipients V V
Analysis and evaluation of formats, creations and methods of communication in advertisements V V
Analysis and evaluation of the effectiveness of activities carried out in the campaign V V
Analysis and evaluation of the security of the company account X V
Analysis and evaluation of the customer's purchasing path X V
Analysis and evaluation of recipient groups and their advertising potential X V
Analysis and evaluation of the correctness of Pixel of Meta company (previously FB Pixel) operation and key events on the X V
Analysis and evaluation of the configuration of the Catalog Manager / Sales Manager X V
Analysis and evaluation of business and advertising account settings X V
Analysis and evaluation of Meta Ads (previously Facebook Ads) campaign goals and company marketing goals X V.
Analysis and evaluation of groups of recipients (non-standard groups, groups of similar recipients) X V
Content and visual analysis and evaluation of advertising materials X V
Analysis of competitors' activities X V
Detailed recommendations regarding your further advertising activities in the Meta (previously Facebook) system X V.
Detailed discussion of the audit results with a specialist in the online form X V

How to order an audit for us?

1. Select the free or full audit version

2. Fill in the contact form or call us and our expert will guide you further.

What do we need from you to perform the Social Media Ads Audit?

1. Access to the advertising account and pixel from which your current advertising campaigns are run.

2. If you do not have access to these tools - get it, otherwise you will have no control over your own advertising budget.