Programmatic campaigns

Programmatic, programatic buying or programmatic advertising - marketing on the web, which allows us to display "tailor-made" ads for each recipient.

We use them both to conduct advanced remarketing activities with the use of complex methods of defining target groups, and to conduct effective campaigns with a wider reach (Audience Targeting). We know from experience how important it is to skillfully run this type of campaign, especially when we use multiple online advertising channels. In Marketing Online each campaign is carefully monitored using web analytics.

In Google Display & Video 360, you can run a campaign using 3 types of inventory:

1. RTB - "Real Time Bidding" - enables real-time bidding.

2. Story - allows you to display a story in the form of several ads to one person. Each subsequent ad will be shown when the person saw the earlier one.

3. TV - allows you to target ads to VOD services. It will be great as a starting point for your adventure with TV campaigns, and also as a good complement to them.

At Marketing Online we conduct target-oriented programmatic campaigns. Each campaign has its own goal, and on this basis, the budget is selected and the programmatic purchase is carried out.

To start programmatic buying, just contact us, and we will guide you through the entire process and help you choose the right campaigns for your needs and set goals together with you.

In Marketing Online we operate in several stages:

1. A non-binding introductory interview, during which we learn about your business and your needs, so that the campaigns we present are tailored to your business goals.

2. We analyze and build an effective programmatic buying campaign strategy.

3. We sign the order and proceed to the preparation of campaigns and programmatic ads.

4. We set up a Display & Video 360 account, to which you can read access, because in Marketing Online we act openly and you can have an insight into what we are doing at every stage of the work.

5. We configure the necessary analytics, tracking codes and other necessary elements to start the campaign and ensure the achievement of goals.

6. We launch campaigns and optimize them.

Are you interested in the Programmatic campaign? Write to us and arrange your first non-binding interview.