SEO audit

Basic SEO analysis of the website will provide you with information to what extent your website is optimized for search engines.

A website audit for SEO does not list individual changes that are needed and does not provide ready-made codes and programming solutions, but evaluates the most important SEO areas that should be worked on in order to improve results.

If you just need to check if your website is fully SEO optimized or not, then Basic Audit is perfect for you. If our basic audit reveals any serious deficiencies or errors, then you can commission a full SEO audit of your website. You will receive a full report with instructions on how to implement the required changes or you can leave the implementation to us by granting access to the website code. We call such a service a full SEO Audit with Optimization.

For people who want to deepen their knowledge of SEO, we recommend our SEO training , during which we present the knowledge needed to gain high positions in the search engine from scratch.

Basic website audit includes the examination of:

  • current keyword positions in natural (organic) results
  • Historical site visibility in SEO, in order to diagnose possible penalties imposed on the site
  • on-page factors, i.e. the technical structure of the website and content aspects
  • off-page factors related to internet PR
  • compare your site's current performance to selected competitors

SEO audit benefits:

  • you will check if your website is well optimized for search engines
  • you will find out if and how the current on-page and off-page activities affect the position of your website
  • you will learn what else you need to do to get high positions in the search engine
  • you will find out if you outsource SEO activities to external entities, whether they are implemented correctly and in accordance with the signed contract / order

How to order an SEO audit of your website?

1. Choose the basic version of the SEO audit or order a full website SEO audit and optimization .

2. Fill in the contact form or call us and our expert will guide you further.

What do we need from you to perform the Audit?

Access to Google Search Console - if you do not have access to site data in this tool, create an account or request access to an existing account, otherwise you will not have control over your own site.