E-commerce is our largest industry in which we comprehensively support our clients.

Starting from a comprehensive audit of an online store to process automation, consulting in the field of logistics, ERP systems, selection of e-commerce platforms and migration, usability optimization, support for marketplaces (e.g. Allegro, Ceneo), advertising campaigns (described in more detail on the website e- commerce) and full web analytics that allow you to maximize profits from online sales.

At the beginning, we recommend using our e-commerce audit, which we offer in the basic form for free, and if it turns out during the free audit that there is a lot to improve, we will offer a full audit and comprehensive support in the implementation of recommended optimization changes. We recommend that you read the detailed description of e-commerce audits.

We also conduct e-commerce trainings in an open and dedicated form, with the possibility of organizing them online, at the client's premises or in our Marketing Online office.

If you want to start or develop e-commerce marketing in your company, you can arrange a free, no-obligation consultation with us, present your goals and hear our recommendations.

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