SEO (website positioning)

Positioning and optimization of websites consists in placing them high in the natural search results for selected keywords.

The constantly updated search engine algorithm determines which pages will appear in the top positions in the search results. Thanks to the knowledge and experience of our specialists, we are able to effectively promote your website even with the most competitive keywords.

SEO on Google is a long-term activity, and the best results are usually visible after a few months. The most important element is the right choice of keywords, so before starting an SEO project, we conduct a very detailed keyword analysis and recommend word tests as part of the Google Ads campaign.

We analyze, among others:

  • the potential of your keywords to generate sales, conversions, and engagement for your site
  • the degree of difficulty of positioning certain phrases and effectiveness
  • assessment of the profitability of positioning for individual keywords taking into account the possible return on investment.
Thanks to this approach, our clients obtain not only high positions, but also what we care most about, i.e. increase in sales and profit thanks to visits from organic search engine results.

We have already run our first SEO projects in 2001 - Allianz, ScanHoliday, Since then, we have carried out thousands of SEO projects and positioned billions of keywords. In the Case studies section, we describe examples of successes and methods of achieving them. At Marketing Online , we only use white seo, the average cooperation with us on SEO projects is over 5 years, and over 90% of companies work with & nbspnami for more than 12 months.

For over 10 years, we have also conducted SEO training , the most valued in the Polish market, in which we share our knowledge and methods of operation.

Positioning websites on Google and obtaining good results in this area requires knowledge of, among others:

  • current search trends
  • changes and news in search engine algorithms
  • opportunities and opportunities for the development of traffic on the site, thanks to appropriate content

If you are considering starting SEO activities and outsourcing their agencies, we can provide you with a free consultation in which we will recommend safe solutions tailored to your needs

If you already conduct SEO activities, but their results are not satisfactory, use the basic SEO audit , from which you will find out whether your website is properly optimized, whether the current positioning activities are carried out correctly, what are the possibilities of further position growth and what results are obtained by your competitors.

In each case, after the initial consultation interview, we offer free keyword analysis and selection of the right positioning kit based on data from Google Ads, Google Analytics and appropriate SEO tools. By receiving an offer from us, you will learn the most valuable words for your company and estimates of the number of visits and even sales thanks to the effective positioning.

In the next steps, you can commission us to:

  • Performing professional website optimization for search engines as well
  • Positioning of selected keywords

Professional website optimization for search engines involves adjusting all subpages of the website, both from the technical side (HTML code) and structural (content architecture, internal linking) to the requirements of the Google search engine, taking into account the latest changes in algorithms. We prepare a separate analysis and a dedicated optimization strategy for each website. Thanks to its implementation, the website will be fully indexed and well assessed.

Website optimization is the first and most important element of positioning. Optimization is what paves the way to gaining positions, but does not guarantee them. Therefore, the next steps should be related to the positioning services we offer.

Benefits of starting the service:

  • full optimization allows you to use in positioning all the content published on the website, both text and graphic (photos, illustrations) and multimedia (e.g. video or audio materials)
  • the website is fully readable by search engine robots - each of the subpages of the website can be fully read and indexed by the search engine
  • each of the subpages of the website will be interpreted by the search engine as adequate to the selected keywords (searched by users)

Positioning of selected keywords and content on the website along with content marketing activities appropriate for your purpose is a service that can give you high positions in the search engine. During the training, we discuss in detail the methodology of operation and the tools used, and the Case Studies section, the effects of SEO projects carried out in this way. We use various billing models, including billing for effects, and we also offer indefinite contracts with a monthly notice period.

If you have fallen victim to a dishonest SEO service that led to Google imposing a penalty on your website, we will help you. In the event of a bad SEO strategy or competitors' actions, a situation may arise in which the site will be penalized by the search engine. The penalty usually consists in lowering the site's position for most of the phrases o & nbspkilka / several dozen positions, which is associated with a drastic decrease in the number of visits to the site. In extreme cases, the site is excluded from the search engine index and does not appear in the search results. Our service consists in examining the reasons for the imposition of a penalty, repairing the situation and providing a detailed report on the activities carried out.

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