Google Analytics audit

If you are wondering if your Google Analytics is fully configured and provides you with valuable data from advertising activities - commission us to conduct a Google Analytics audit, in which we will verify the configuration and settings of your account.

Thanks to correctly implemented and configured analytics, you will be able to assess the effectiveness of advertising activities, as well as check Google Analytics statistics in terms of your advertising budget to verify whether it is being spent effectively.

For whom

Intended for people who want to check the correctness of the collected data from advertising campaigns in various advertising systems and want to improve their current activities related to web analytics in order to be able to correctly draw conclusions as to the effectiveness of their activities.

How much it costs?

The Google Analytics audit in the basic version is completely free. We also offer a paid Google Analytics installation and configuration service, which is priced based on your current activities and needs.

What will you gain?

Assessment of the correctness and completeness of the Google Analytics configuration, which will allow you to properly analyze the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns and will give you the answer at what points the configuration and settings need to be improved.

Choose one of the services:

Google Analytics installation and configuration service

If you want to outsource the entire process of implementing all relevant tracking codes on your website right away, please contact us to discuss your needs.

Full Analytics Audit consists of an analytical, technical and training part.

The analytical part includes the development of a detailed plan of what and how to measure and what final reports should be prepared for individual users of the system. A good web analytics plan is based mainly on Google Analytics statistics and ensures that every interested person in the company will have a Report ideally suited to their needs and position.

The technical part consists in verifying the installation and configuration of the Google Analytics system with all required additional modules and the implementation of all tracking codes so that the relevant data is available in the reports for everyone 24/7/365.

The training part ensures that the reports will be understandable and will enable ongoing evaluation of the effectiveness of all online advertising activities.

Free Google Analytics Basic Audit

A general analysis of the account situation and an indication of the places that require configuration and improvement.

The google analytics audit includes the analysis and verification of:

  • The correctness of the installation of Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager codes
  • View, service and audience settings
  • Internal / referring traffic exclusion lists for the site
  • Appropriate configuration of channel grouping
  • The correctness of applying and measuring events and goals
  • The correctness of the implementation of the e-commerce module
  • Use of additional functions and modules
  • The quality of data obtained for campaign optimization
  • Custom reports, dimensions, and metrics
  • The matter of violations against the GDPR in obtaining user data
  • Integration with Google Ads and Google Search Console


How to commission us with a Google Analytics audit?

1. Choose the free or full audit version.

2. Fill out the contact form or call us and our expert will guide you further.

What do we need from you to perform the Audit?

  • A longer conversation about your goals and needs
  • Access to Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager accounts as well as Google Ads and Facebook Ads advertising accounts. If you don't have access to these accounts - get it, otherwise you won't have control over your own advertising budget.
  • Cooperation at the stage of collecting data and your time to listen to our training courses on analytics, reading reports, methodology for determining the best division of the media budget and its amount. We also recommend that you complete all our managerial training in Google Analytics and Internet Advertising Planning.